Golden mists herald dawn in the Amazon Basin

Rutahsa Adventures is proud to recommend the Amazon Basin - Tambopata Reserve excursions and other high quality eco-adventure excursions available in Peru through Rainforest Expeditions. We have personally participated in a Rainforest Adventures trip to Tambopata and we have sent a number of independent travelers on Rainforest's excursions-- all of whom were very happy with their experiences.

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Rainforest Adventures excursions into the Tambopata Reserve are a perfect way to round out a trip to Peru. The experience is an incredible contrast to a visit to the Peruvian Andes, but every bit as unforgettable. To reach the lodge and research center in the Tambopata Reserve you travel up the Tambopata River, overnighting in another rustic jungle lodge en route. Along the river you are likely to see capybara, the world's largest rodent. And at the lodge and on excursions along jungle trails from the lodge you may see agouti, peccary, various species of monkeys such as this little squirrel monkey and other mammals. You are sure to see many exotic tropical birds, and the thrill of watching hundreds of parrots and macaws come into one of the world-famous "clay licks" is truly unforgettable.

Machu Picchu may be Peru's most famous attraction and biggest international draw, but is just one aspect of Peru's many wonders. A trip with Rainforest into the Amazon Basin is a great way to end or begin your trip to Peru. Take a look at what Rainforest Adventures can offer you: Rainforest Adventures. Then return to this website to e-mail us to let us know which great Rainforest experience we can book for you!.

Photos courtesy of Rainforest Expeditions.